Apologies for raising this old chestnut again but does anyone know what is happening with CI? It seemed at one point that CI was suggesting they were back on track and were also going to release a Movie and Horror special (the first of these in April), then there was another delay until issue 207 arrived (think that was the last issue or was it 208 I can't remember now ?). We are now well into June and there's been (again) no sign of CI - I did notice in the latest issue of PREVIEWS however that the CI Horror special was advertised with a release date of August (with a "Spotlight On" section so I imagine that must be on the cards) but there was no mention of CI itself being released (CI wasn't in the Previews issue before that either) - does anyone know if Mike Conroy given up on the regualr monthly CI and just doing specials like this now? I realise Mike's not been well (and of course health is more important than a fanzine) but it's apity CI was a great book that has probably llost the confidence of a lot of readers and more importantly its advertisers to get to where it once was (although I hope not).

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Got this from Barry Renshaw, designer of CI:

"We appreciate people have been waiting on info on CI's future, and [editor] Mike [Conroy] and I are working on a press release for the relaunch with 208 which will address all the queries of the forum.

"#208 will be out to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con and re-establish the monthly frequency we've been having
problems with."

Barry adds that the Star Trek Special and the Horror Special should be in shops next week: I'll be putting a news item on downthetubes soon with covers.
Hi John

Thanks for the informatiion on CI ( and apologies for the delay in replying) not sure when the San Diego Con is but I'll look out for 208 and might pick it up - still really a bit miffed at CIs attitude to be honest to its customers I think its really poor - and having "re discovered" PREVIEWS it has all I need really and can be counted on month after month to be on the shelves (if CI gets back on track properly I may go back to it, or if 208 is a good relevant up to date issue I may pick it up) I was in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow on Saturday and I saw 2 CI specials a Star Trek special ( a bit late after the films release but I'm sure Trek fans will like it but at £4.99 not for me) and the Horror Special (earlier relase than that noted in PREVIEWS) I never bought these, and to be honest not many folk did (although this is the week before the traditional Glasgow Fair holiday and a few large events Edinburgh festival week, T in the PARK and the Sun was out all week lol etc, so a lot of folk maybe out and about).
The two Specials have only just been released: the Trek Special is the better of the two in terms of my interests but also has a shed load more interview material, including Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.

I totally agree with you about #208 - whenever it arrives, now August, apparently - it cannot be another fudged issue comprising a mix of out of date material with (hopefully) up to date news items. I have suggested to CI that they make more of their web site but it's still not happened.
Although CI is struggling to keep to a schedule, I think we need to cut Mike a bit of slack. Producing a fanzine is hard enough - a prozine even more so. The two specials are great and I for one am happy to wait for the next regular issue. Maybe Mike should think about going quarterly or something.
Yes, as I've said several times there are extenuating circumstances as to the problems CI faces, which have no place being aired in a public forum. Suffice to say, I've had numerous conversations with Mike and I sympathize with his plight, but at the same time I don't think you can ignore the fact that the magazine hasn't appeared.

I'm not levelling any criticism at Mike or Barry: but the fact remains, the magazine has been hit hard by its failure to be published and in the current climate for print magazines that's not good at all.
I have to add my agreement to Johns reply, obviously Mikes health is paramount, but I think readers have been more than patient with CI . This situation has been going on almost since CI was bought over, I can't even remember the number off issues published since then (207 was supposed to be out in Sept 2008, it ws published in February 2009 - 4 months ago- and that was to be the start of a regualr monthly schedule, as was 206). The problem for me is, as Ian states "CI is a Prozine" (not a fanzine) and yet CI has shunned telling its readers and advertisers what's going on , not one word on their site despite numerous letters from readers, subscribers and advertisers - not very proffessional. However, as I stated Mikes health is the main thing and the guys got it in him to make this work, but I would question the logic in producing specials at a time when the monthly title (the flagship publication ) is failing on all counts. As always I wish CI and Mike all the best.
I guess specials are easier in a sense because one or two people can write them and offer them as to Mike as a 'package' whereas a regular issue has many contributors and many strands to pull together.
On the other hand, the specials released so far have been very much niche publications, and I'm unclear as to whether they form part of any subscription package; if so, subscribers could end up paying for a Star Trek special they have no interest in.
I've e-mailed publisher Peter Boyce again this morning - for the third time since his denial the title had been cancelled which we ran a news story on back in September. My latest attempts to get a response follow discovering the Comic International line has been cut off.

I have asked him if he has any further news on when the next issue of Comics International will be published, or, indeed, if is it to ever to be published again? Despite Peter's assurances of 22d September, it's obvious some official statement on what has happened to the title is overdue. Is it up for sale, perhaps?

I plan to run an update on the status of Comics International in coming days on downthetubes. It would be useful to have an official statement, but right now, I feel most of CI"s loyal readers feel the title is dead, without explanation, which is a disservice, especially given the existence of the CI web site where at the very least some explanation could have been posted months ago.

I'd argue the magazine could still be a vibrant and revenue generating title although of course it would require re-launch, combining, perhaps, a web and mobile presence with the ongoing print edition, the latter perhaps more reflective than news-oriented in today's immediate news market of the digital age.

It could also be used, I feel, to 'break' and preview new talent and comics material in partnership with small publishers, initially, who would be more receptive to such promotion than, initially, say Marvel or DC Comics. As sales grew, that could quickly change.

It would be great to hear what is happening to the Magazine. I live in hope of some response...
The line being cut off doesn't necessarily mean much. For awhile, due to a minor mix up which seemed to prove almost impossible to resolve, all calls to CI were being put through to a rather aggressive old lady somewhere, so it isn't beyond the bounds of possibility that they've been disconnected by accident. But it doesn't inspire confidence.
Not so long ago, I began putting out a few feelers into making a new UK-centered quarterly comics magazine. I wonder if this has any interest to anyone? I can't see CI being regular again and certainly cannot see why anyone would buy the business, rather than start afresh. Obviously, there used to be a reputation there but that seems gone to me now.

So...anyone interested in a new comics magazine?
I thought we already had one...(sorry, couldn't resist)

You do raise a point I'd been considering though Chris; is the good name of CI now sullied beyond reparation? Maybe, but then again maybe not. After 16 years at the top, it had become firmly ingrained into the collective consciousness of British comics fans. I doubt the recent troubles have erased that connection. I think the name might still carry a fair bit of weight.




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