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Crikey! magazine: an update

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tony Ingram Jan 12, 2010. 17 Replies

The recent collapse of Borders UK has proved a bit of a catastrophe for Crikey! magazine, as the loss of that chain and its affiliates took away about 70% of our distribution (and, incidentally, has…Continue

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Tony Ingram replied to John Freeman's discussion Strip #1 Relaunch - WH Smiths Stores List in the group Strip Magazine UK
"Picked up my copy in Ipswich yesterday, and I have to say I'm inpressed. Not every strip is to my taste but there's more than enough to keep me coming back for more, and I'm particularly pleased to see the revived King Cobra. Great…"
Apr 13, 2013
Tony Ingram joined John Freeman's group

Strip Magazine UK

Discussion group for the Strip Magazine, on sale in UK newsagents, comic shops and as a digital edition for the iPad.See More
Apr 13, 2013
Tony Ingram replied to John Freeman's discussion Is it All Over for The Dandy?
"I really can't see a digital only version being viable in the long term. There just isn't the market for it."
Aug 16, 2012
Tony Ingram replied to John Freeman's discussion 'Susie Solomon' character in Bunty - who write it and who drew it? in the group Bring Back Bunty
"I think I remember the strip, at least the early episodes (the accident rings a bell as does the radio) but don't have a clue who created it. It must have started closer to '87 than '89 because I don't think I saw a copy of Bunty…"
Oct 6, 2011
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Bring Back Bunty

A discussion forum for Girls Comics
Apr 5, 2011
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"Cautiously hopeful for the future, I think sums it up.  Though I'm not sure Johnny Cougar, much as I liked him, is likely to be a key figure in the salvation of the British comics industry..."
Feb 16, 2011
Tony Ingram replied to John Freeman's discussion What do you think of the new Dandy?
"It's not really my kind of thing, I must admit, but it's a definite improvement on Dandy Xtreme. The celebrity themed strips remind me vaguely of Look-In or Film Fun, for some reason."
Oct 27, 2010
Tony Ingram joined John Freeman's group

British Comic Collectors

Chasing down a copy of the Beano? After that last issue of Starblazer from its 250+ issue run? Missing last month's Megazine? Post your wants and offers (ebay sales etc) here! British comics only!
Jul 14, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"Tending to agree. The listings section is sadly now irrelevant in a print mag, particularly since none of the companies can keep to a schedule anyway. Leave that to the websites which can be updated daily, I think"
Jul 2, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"Well, I would. You would. But would enough people to make it worthwhile? I'd hope so, but it would be a huge risk to take. I also can't help thinking that sadly, the name Comics International has now been somewhat tarnished by the slow…"
May 25, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"So what's the answer? Is there still a place for CI in today's world? I'd like to think so but I'm now far from sure."
May 25, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"My feeling is that while features were a valuable part of CI, the news was the whole point of it. I can't help thinking Mike got his priorities wrong, there. I'd have gone for a smaller page count, a cheaper cover price and very much news…"
May 23, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"Were you thinking of grabbing it, Chris? Someone should..."
May 21, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to Richard Doy's discussion Comic Book Shops For Eagle Comics
"I still have a few for sale, Richard-which issues were you after?"
May 18, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to John Freeman's discussion Eagle Awards - Are There too Many Categories?
"I certainly agree that the film & TV award is unnecessary. I doubt anyone in those industries cares about the Eagles so surely it makes more sense to concentrate on the medium which the awards were created to celebrate-comics."
Apr 6, 2010
Tony Ingram replied to McScotty's discussion Comics International ?
"Interesting. Well, admittedly Crikey! has a mostly older readership, but we do try to support British comics whatever the genre. And if the generally positive response to the 'adult' issue last year was anything to go by, you might get a…"
Mar 13, 2010

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About Me:
I'm a lifelong comics fan and collector, who now writes about comics, deals in comics and in his spare time, reads comics.
I also keep rabbits. But they don't read comics.
Favourite British Comic
The Daredevils
Favourite TV Shows:
Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Coupling, Life on Mars, Sapphire & Steel, Lexx, urdoch Mysteries, Doc Martin and a whole host of British drama and comedy made before about 1990. Oh, and Star Trek-but only when I'm in the mood for it.
Website (this should be your own). It could be your Facebook page, for example.
Why do you want be part of this forum? Are you a British comics creator, fan or collector, for example?
Well, basically because it appears to be about comics. I'm generally in it for the comics.

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At 5:21 on July 18, 2010, Kid Robson said…
I was approached through another party about lettering some sample pages to be presented to MARVEL by the person or parties then holding the copyright to the character. I did - and obviously it was my lettering that swung the deal. (Okay, that last part may not be accurate.)

I may be posting the pages on my blog (did I mention my blog?), so why not give it a visit?
At 17:28 on July 17, 2010, Kid Robson said…
And sorry about the shameless plug - hope you don't mind. I genuinely didn't realize I was joining a discussion. Just in case it's pertinent, and as I see MARVELMAN getting a mention, I actually lettered the sample pages as part of the package presented to MARVEL when they were considering buying the character.
At 17:24 on July 17, 2010, Kid Robson said…
Hi Tony, I now have a blog up and running at - feel free to give it a look.

At 12:11 on December 1, 2009, Phil Friel said…
I think it was because Watchmen hit the US before Eclipse relaunched Marvelman (as Miracleman) in the US (unless I've got my dates badly wrong, which is quite possible). His original appearance in an obscure British comic wouldn't have registered at all in the US. And as Eclipse was a smaller publisher, Miracleman wouldn't have hit the public attention as strongly as Watchmen, which had the much larger DC marketing and sales behind it.

I've never read Skizz, although "less annoyingly cute" than ET has to be a Very Good Thing (I absolutely hate ET with a passion). Moore's run on Swamp Thing is another I've never read, although I've been intending to track it down for years. I've heard so many good things about it that I really have to read it sometime Before I Die.
At 2:59 on November 24, 2009, Phil Friel said…
Agreed. I liked Watchmen, but the very first Alan Moore work that I ever encountered was Marvelman and V For Vendetta, both in Warrior comic. Those are the stories that made me a fan of his work. For me, Watchmen, and everything else, was just stuff that "came later", and built on his already remarkable reputation.
At 0:19 on November 23, 2009, Phil Friel said…
Unattainable is the right word for it. There's never enough time, and always too much to read. I'll be lying on my death-bed, muttering "Hold on - I gotta read this before I snuff it"!

I'm sitting here on a quiet Sunday night, making a start on the mags. I'm at the Crikeys right now. Of course, I went for the colour ones first. YUM! They're gorgeous. Really professional looking.

I'm really enjoying the Marvelman article in #11. The classic Alan Moore version is my all-time favourite superhero strip.
At 18:39 on November 22, 2009, Phil Friel said…
Yeah, totally. You should see my SF book collection. I'll never read even 10% of them, even if I live 'til I'm 500 years old.

But I've been waiting for these particular mags for a long time now. I intend to drop everything else until I finish with these, and nothing is gonna get in my way (evil cackle).
At 17:22 on November 22, 2009, Phil Friel said…
Well, the Spaceship Aways arrived this morning. Just the Andersonics to go now, and I'll have the lot.

I opened the box, hands trembling with excitement, flicked through the magazines taking a quick glance at the front and back covers and contents pages, then set them down beside the stack of Crikeys and Dangerous Inks which have arrived during this past week. As I took a good look at this very impressive stack of magazines, my one thought was "Oh, wow! It'll take me until the New Year to read this lot!"

I've skimmed through everything, but haven't actually read anything in depth yet. I'm waiting for the Andersonics to arrive before I make a start on everything. And I'll need a few spare weeks free of any interruptions (fat chance of that) to make a dent in this pile of gorgeous reading material.
At 23:01 on November 21, 2009, Phil Friel said…
Oh, yes! A Best of Crikey #'s 1-10 colour special? You can put me down for that one right now! There are so many articles from the first ten issues that I would love to see in colour, that I wouldn't know where to begin.

I'm glad you got the payment, and many thanks for trusting me. I'm always a bit paranoid about the Royal Mail losing items, that I fret over everything until it actually arrives. They've lost quite a few things on me in the past - I almost ended up in court once because they lost a large payment that I'd sent to a book club! Lucky I'd kept the postal order stubs, or I'd have been snookered!

I treated myself to a whole bunch of nice stuff as an early Christmas present to myself - the Crikeys are the first to arrive, and I'm now waiting for the entire run of #'s 1-19 of Spaceship Away to arrive, as well as the latest couple of issues of Andersonic. I've got a LOT of lovely reading ahead of me. :)
At 20:27 on November 21, 2009, Phil Friel said…
The Crikey! back issues (7-12) arrived this morning. Wow! Fantastic stuff. And the two relaunched colour issues (11 and 12) look absolutely incredible. Makes me wish the earlier issues were in colour as well, or you re-do them in colour when you reprint them. It makes the mag look so much more impressive and professional, not to say "colourful".

Did you get the payment yet? You didn't have it yesterday, and, since I received these today, this makes me think you actually mailed these before you received the payment. If so, many thanks!

I'll dig out the first six issues and start a note-taking/review session from the first issue up until the current issue.



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